“How To Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie

Surely this book could compete for the most cheesy title of the century.


This is a book that everyone should read. Especially millennials, people who want something more from their life, people who want to understand others, you.

However, I think you have to be open-minded when reading it. A lot of the advice from the book sound easy and can make you feel that you already know this stuff. For example ‘Keep smiling” or “Be a good listener”. But Dale Carnegie explains why it is like that and it will definitely help you to put those actionable suggestions into action.

I am not going to list the 5 takeaways from the book, as I like to do, since this position is saturated with the valuable information.

I can’t guarantee the book will really help you win friends and influence people, but I would like to believe so. It helped me, my friends, Warren Buffet and apparently lot of the internet people so give it a go!

Before you start reading, though, I would like to recommend you to make the list of all the advice in the book so that you can come back to them in the following months and in the future. There is just too much to digest immediately.

Maybe you will find those interesting