“The Inevitable” by Kevin Kelly

Have you ever wonder what is the future going to look like?

We live in the exponential times there the technological progress takes us to the completely new levels of understanding and innovation. Would you guess 30 years ago that our whole society will be connected to the Internet, that the electric cars will be a normal sight on the streets and technologies like Blockchain, AI and VR will not be a sci-fi scenario anymore?

The question is now, what is going to be next? There are still many things to be invented and fields to be disrupted.

Kevin Kelly, which has an astonishing record of predicting stuff, gives us his answer to the question.


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“ISIS: The State of Terror” by Jessica Stern and J.M. Berger

Would you ever guess that one of the factors behind the “success” of ISIS is the way they utilise social media?

Most of the other terrorist groups, especially the Islamic ones, consider social media as a wrong thing from the west, while ISIS is connecting with its followers and recruiting new ones through twitter and other websites.

This is just one of the things that differentiate ISIS from other groups. But there are more.

To understand the origins and core beliefs of ISIS, I would recommend “The ISIS Apocalypse”, while to know more about daily operations of the group, “ISIS: The State of Terror” is a perfect match.

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I cried all the way to the bank

Do you sometimes feel like giving up only because of the nay-sayers who constantly try to discourage you?

One of the most well-known quotes of Liberace is his response to the poor reviews of critics. He famously said that he cried all the way to the bank. I think it is a genius response.

Remember, there will be always critics undermining you. Look for example at imdb.com ratings. The best Oscar-winning movie is “The Godfather” with the rating score of 9.2/10. You would think that Oscar winner would satisfy so many people. Actually, look at the charts:

More than 33 thousand (!!) people gave it just one start. Yet still, the movie brought massive profits to the producers, the awards to the actors and timeless quotes used by so many on the daily basis.

Remember, you cannot satisfy everyone. And it is ok.

Knowing that, there are two things you can do. You can try to reach the biggest audience possible still caring what others are saying. That way you will never be satisfied. Although you won your Oscar, there are still 33 thousands people who hate your movie.

The second option is just to do what makes you smile and brings the results you aimed for.

Which option sounds better?

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“Positioning” by Al Ries and Jack Trout

If you just started your interest in marketing and wonder what is the first book you should read, “Positioning” is your answer.

Written in 1981 by Al Ries and Jack Trout, the book introduces the concept of positioning the product. Even more, the authors prefer to talk about the concept of positioning the customer’s mind.

Your products cannot win until they match the worldview of your customers. This is the insight that changed everything. Until recently, marketing was about advertising and creating fun and creative ads and banners. Now it turned into storytelling and a big reason behind this switch was the book.

Although it’s more than 35 years old and some companies mentioned by the authors do not even exist anymore, the knowledge in the book is a strong base upon which you can build on.


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“Recession-Proof Graduate” by Chris Hoehn

Rarely does it happen that a book can really change your life. And it is even more uncommon if the book takes only 30 minutes to read!

If you struggle to find a perfect job that you have always dreamt about, especially if you are a recent graduate, let me introduce you to the e-book I have been recommended to read by Guerric from  https://boostcompanies.com

“Recession-Proof Graduate” is only 40 pages long and I am ready to say that this book can really help your career significantly. Trust me on that!

Did I also mention it is free?! http://charliehoehn.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Recession-Proof-Graduate-by-Charlie-Hoehn2.pdf

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