Clichés Are True

Shay Carl in the Tim Ferris Show said recently that there is really hidden truth about life in clichés.

So why do we ignore them so much?

It got me thinking.

The thing about clichés is that they are true as much as you are open for them.

Let’s look at the example also mentioned in the podcast: “Thinking happy thoughts will make you happy”

Is there anything else that sounds more cheesy? For some people, it sounds so bad that they will just burst in laugh and for sure their attitude will not allow to acknowledge the truth.

But have you tried thinking happy thoughts? Did you feel better afterwards? Then what’s the problem?

To prove you that clichés are worth listening, here are 5 of those that we get to use so often that we started ignoring them. (I even have a feeling that whenever cliché is being said, something in our brain switches our attention off – neuroscientists please research that)

1. When life gives you lemons, make the lemonade

As Ryan Holiday says, obstacle is the way. The path to greatness isn’t easy. When it’s hard and you can embrace it, the great things will happen to you.

As the another clichés say, the plane takes off against the wind.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


2. Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.

We are so good at excuses. One of the most popular one? I am not ready yet.

But here is the thing.

You will never be ready!

So you can wait for ever or face the storm and move forward.


3. Action speaks louder than words

Nowadays, thanks to the social media, people comment and declare so many actions.

But how many of those really go and deliver?


4. Never judge a book by its cover

Letter 8 of Seneca:

“[…]understand that a man is sheltered just as well by a thatch as by a roof of gold. Despise everything that useless toil creates as an ornament and an object of beauty. And reflect that nothing except the soul is worthy of wonder; for to the soul, if it be great, naught is great.”



5 words: You are going to die.

So why haven’t you done what you have always wanted to?



Next time you hear a cliche, open yourself to it, even if people are laughing. It’s their loss and your gain.

Think about it.

If they were just some meaningless words, they wouldn’t become cliché.

So go and listen.

Maybe you will find those interesting