Stone Soup

If you love old tales, surely you have heard the story of the stone soup.

Only recently have I found out about it and it struck me how great business lesson it is.

So brace yourself.


Few hungry travellers came to a village and asked the locals to borrow them ingredients for a meal.

As you could guess, nobody was willing to help.

Then the travellers decided to fill the pot with the water, stones and place it over the fire.

One of the locals became so curious that he approached the strangers. They told him, that they are making Stone Soup which tastes wonderful, but still lacks some garnish. He went and gave them few carrots.

The second one came and heard the same story. This time, the travellers told him, the perfect soup still needs more seasoning. He didn’t hesitate to give them some.

After a while, more and more villagers wanted to talk to travellers and help them with their soup.

Soon, the soup was ready. The strangers removed the stones.

Thanks to the contributions of the villagers, they prepared the delicious soup that was shared with everyone.



Although it is just a fable, I can see a massive potential in the idea the travellers had. I have been trying to come up with the ways you can embrace it. If you have something in mind, let me know at so that we can discuss that more!



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