Step by Step


As Seth Godin advocates, it’s all about the slow, steady growth, like a tree. We live in the culture that everything has to happen now, at this particular moment. But actually, it takes time to build great things. “Overnight success” takes years.

I have been thinking about this over the whole weekend since the last few days were very exciting for me.

On Thursday my article about vegan leather has been published in Huffington Post. After few days it generated some buzz thanks to which it made its way to the homepage.


Even a bottom of a page can be very exciting!


Then on Friday, an article about Blackwood has been published in

Irish vegans, we are going for you!

I am fully aware, that there is a long way ahead of us, but after spending few months on working on Blackwood, it feels nice to reach some of the first milestones.  As Van Gogh said: “Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.”

I feel happy to say that some of those small things are already behind us!

Maybe you will find those interesting

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